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lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

Blog's open!! *ç*

Hi :3 I finally complete the Ni and Momoka Blog *o*
I think the skin is perfect (because also I search a decent skin from 5 hours xD)
Anyway, I refresh this blog with the news about my utaloids and I will posting some ust done by me ^^
The rest of the blog will finish (if i'm not boring XD).
and before the end of this post i say that the Momoka and Yami's voicebank release when i will give an ultimate control :3

Byee <3

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♣♥;Sawako-chi!♥♣ ha detto...

Oh, very great blog and usts *D* *ama parlare in inglese quando ne ha l'occasione*
I really like Momocchan and her voice~♥ My favourite song is Eternal Force Blizzard, how you already know >w< I will watch this blog frequently why I love all your UTAUs, and I hope in a new update soon *U* *hugs*
P.S: Me loves this template~♪♫♪ x33 If you want an help with graphics for your blog, ask me everything u_u

Far ha detto...

Oh thank you baby-chan x3
If we create another Utau with your voice we could create some choir XD

♣♥;Sawako-chi!♥♣ ha detto...

Ahahah xD I really want to listen your voice in future *-* I think it is the cutest voice ever *U*
(IDK what to say xD But, just a thing: your blog is AWESOME! >w<~♥)

Far ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Far ha detto...

In the future I could create an utauloid with my natural voice X3

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